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Connecting your IT career with opportunities in Austria


Why InCore?

The candidate's experience comes first.

Connecting candidates from the CEE region with Austrian companies.

We find a job that suits you.

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Our Services

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Boost your IT career

Changing your job is in some way like changing your partner: There is 70% chance that you end up with more or less the same one as before.

We help IT professionals find the perfect match for their careers. Therefore, we find jobs that are suitable for candidates, not the other way around.

We listen carefully and believe strongly in open communication, free from corporate BS. Instead of “Suitable for a self-starter in a dynamic environment”, we say “There are no processes in place.”

We guide you through the whole process, from the first contact to the start date at your new job, and we would appreciate staying in touch in the future. The road during a job change can be a little bumpy; therefore we make sure you have all the relevant info and regular updates.

We are only satisfied when you experience a smooth ride.


Our signature dish

We connect IT professionals from the CEE region with carefully selected Austrian companies.

This win-win setup provides an excellent experience for both sides: candidates value the new culture and benefits, and Austrian organizations have sufficient IT candidates during their hiring processes.

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We have been in the recruiting game for 15 years. We know the pain points and how to fix them.

  • A job change is a risky business. We know it and take care.

  • Is it time for me to make a change?

  • Contract type: employment or an external business contract?

  • Support during the process: The alignment of Austrian obligations with the admin requirements of your home country.

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While we are good with smoke signals and pigeons, there are simpler ways for us to get in touch...

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