Staff Groovy Engineer

We are looking for an experienced and motivated Staff Groovy Engineer to join our fast-growing Product Engineering Team with focus on the Marketing Reporting vertical product area. From a technical perspective focus is on improving the tech-stack to enable scalability and stellar performance. We’re also working on improving foundational capabilities such as testing automation, security and user experience. All of this, while, from a product perspective, we’re rapidly evolving our platform to appeal to new customer segments.

You will drive the technical approach, work breakdown, execution, and delivery of technical and product epics in collaboration with other functional platform teams. You have the knowledge to tackle overarching strategic topics, influence the architecture, focus on performance, reliability, monitoring, security, maintainability and advocate for best engineering practices within a product area team of 40+ people, while working on organisational alignment with your counterparts from other vertical product areas.

Aside from technical responsibilities, you will seek opportunities to mentor and coach other team members, share your knowledge within the entire Engineering Team, and be a role model for our engineers.


In the first month:

  •  You get to know a product development team and get familiar with our whole product, technologies, systems & architecture, processes and practices.

  • You absorb our engineering culture, start coding and ramp-up quickly within the Marketing Reporting universe.

In the first 3 months:

  • Your focus is on acquiring as much product knowledge as possible. You get to know the Marketing Reporting architecture and codebase inside-out.

  • You work independently on all Marketing Reporting related topics and act as a knowledge sharing hub inside your product development team.

  • You are able to support your product development team with deep code reviews, guide towards better system quality and engineering practices.

In the first 6 months:

  • You increase your impact beyond your product development team to the whole Marketing Reporting team & beyond

  • You build strong connections within and outside of the engineering team: Engineers, Product Managers, Designers, Customer Support, etc.

  • You participate in shaping new features, get your hands dirty in PoCs, break down technical scopes and start working in cross-team deliveries.

Beyond the first 6 months:

  • At this point, you know the platform very well, both product and tech.

  • Drive strategic cross-product engineering initiatives and guide product development teams towards pragmatic technical decisions based on a limited context, striving to constantly improve maintainability and reliability.

  • As a technical leader you foster a culture of excellence: outcomes-oriented solutions, incremental value delivery with good predictability on commitments, high technical quality, extensive testing, thorough monitoring, performance & security built-in.

  • Coach, mentor and sponsor other engineers to become their best selves through deep code reviews, pair programming and knowledge sharing sessions.

  • Drive incident responses, help out in diagnosing complex issues and shape operational excellence.

  • Represent engineering outside of the company and actively participate in the hiring process..


  • Experience in successfully leading architectural decisions for large scale applications and manage tech-stack migrations

  • Fluent in Groovy and optionally other JVM languages (Java, Kotlin)

  • Experience with AWS or/and other clouds

  • Thorough knowledge of modern databases (relational, columnar, in-memory, key-value stores, etc) such as: PostgreSQL, BigQuery, Redshift, Redis, Snowflake or similar.

  • Familiar with various CI/CD tools

  • Ability to perform deep code reviews. Beyond checking the correctness and cleanness of code, you’re able to connect the dots and focus on the bigger picture.

  • Experience in diagnosing complex systems - performance, monitoring, logging, tracing.

  • Ability to make time-based decisions. You have a bias for action and believe in technical pragmatism.

  • Team spirit and previous experience in a technical leading role. You supported multiple cross-functional product development teams at the same time and synchronized them on the technical roadmap.

  • Over-communication comes natural to you. You are a good listener. You know how to advocate, persuade and negotiate with your peers. You enjoy writing things down to synthesise information. During your career you successfully mentored and coached engineers.

  • A curious mind and fast learning skills. You have an appetite for continuous learning and you know when and how to dig deeper.


Nice to have:

Experience with both Groovy and Kotlin for large scale applications

Databases versatility and optimization skills

Experience with Domain Driven Design

A couple of years experience with Spring / Grails


  • Employment contract or B2B

  • Long-term cooperation

  • Full-time remote